Basic Estate Planning Package (Trust, Will & POAs)

DeVetus’ basic estate planning package consists of forms for married persons or singles and includes a revocable trust, pour-over will(s), durable power of attorney forms, medical power of attorney forms and statutory advanced healthcare directive(s).  The package includes deeds transferring properties into the trust as well as a memorandum of trust for publishing public notice of the trust’s creation. The cost of the package is $750 plus applicable filing fees for non-contact consultations. Typical filing fees for conveyance of one property into the trust and a memorandum of trust are as little as $30.  Placing additional properties into the trust may result in further filing fees.  For Oklahoma post members of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, both married and single persons, DeVetus provides group introductory consultation, telephone follow-up and groups signings of documents with members paying for booklet and printing costs ($25) and any filing fees — with the normal $750 legal fee waived.

Probate Services

DeVetus also provides affordable probate services which are necessary when Oklahomans die without a revocable trust in place or other planning mechanisms to distribute property without a court order.  DeVetus handles most probate services for a flat fee so that its clients pay for no hidden surprises.  While DeVetus reserves the right to adjust its standard price after a free initial consultation with prospective clients, the typical fee for probate services is $3,500 for probates filed statewide.  This price includes all filing fees and publication fees.  The fee is based upon agreement among all beneficiaries as to the distribution of estate assets.

Real Estate Services

DeVetus provides affordable legal services required as part of both routine and complex real estate transactions. Whether a quiet title action needed to clear title for a new buyer, or simple curative documents such as a deed executed by an omitted spouse, a tax affidavit, affidavit of successor trustee, memorandum of trust or affidavit of surviving joint tenant, DeVetus can handle your needs. DeVetus charges $2,500 which includes filing fees, service fees and process server fees on most quiet title suits and charges as little as $125 on most curative documents.